Suzhou Xieli Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Professional manufacturer of pressure vessels in variety of glass lined, carbon steel, nonferrous metals, and pressure vessel specific for railtransit.
The company was founded in 1974 at Yuanhe town, producing Chinese standard glass lined reactors. As a result of expanding, it moved to Taiping Industrial Park in 2008 and started to design and produce DIN standard glass lined reactors.
• ISO9001:2008;
• TS1232096-2011 China D2 Pressure Vessel Design License;
• TS2210994-2013 China A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License;
• AD2000-HP0 Germany Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License;
• SPVD -European Simple Pressure Vessels Directive.
• Area: 45,000 sqm
• Employees: 200

CREASE Fluid Equpment is also is a distributor of BAUM Germany, Swissfluid Switzedland, Donit EU in China. We cooperated with Suzhou Xieli to provide the DIN standard glass lined reactor system, to reach higher technical requirements of customers (most of which multi-national companies), like PTFE bellows flush valves, divided glass lined agitator, sampling system, special gaskets etc.