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Flow Indicator sight glass

See your product in tube

Easy install from many connection type and various material of body and seal to proper with your application

Impeller type

several style of impeller for easy sight seeing.

Blank Hole

Easier see a material flow through the blank hole

Scale type

you have know the flow rate when see the scale.

Special config

90 degree corner

In critical and no area installation

Heavy Duty

Use for hose feeding or get more tention

Eye Glass

A spare part prompt to serve when sight glass broken.

Material and spec available


SS-304 / SS-316(L) / CS(WCB)


ANSI 150 / 300 / JIS / DIN / GB flange

Sight Glass

Tempered / Borosilicate / Quartz Aluminosilicate Glass


200 deg C , 16 bar (customization to 50 bar)

choice the right type here