Cartridge filter

Make you fluid Clean & Clear

Our filter media are variable for many application as pharmaceutical, electronic, Chemical, Petrochemical, food and beverage
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Why is us

We have many medium construct in the filter cartridge. Choice the correct type to correct application

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glass, wine, white wine
beverage, diet, drink

how to choice

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cartridge tester

The tester machine is use for membrane element especially for PES PTFE PVDF and Capsule.

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PES membrane

Hydrophilic Polyesthersulfone membrane

Nylon membrane

Hydrophilic Nylon-6, Nylon-66

Hydrophilic PVDF

Hydrophilic Polyvinylidene Fluoride membrane


Ready-to-use unit for laboratory

Hydrophobic PTFE

Hydrophobic Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane

Hydrophilic PTFE

Hydrophilic Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane

PP membrane

Polypropylene membrane

Disc Purify cartridge

Disc cellulose filter pack

Filter Membrane Integrity tester

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