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A Disposable Rotary Drum Filter is a New Method of Liquid-Solid Separations for Small
Batch Operations.

In the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, hazardous materials, and beverage
industries, most of the production processes are batch in nature. This batch
nature is due to the limited volume of the material to be processed, the need
for traceable “lots” of material, and/or the high intrinsic value of the product.
Processes in these industries frequently require equipment that performs
efficient, clean, and reliable solid-liquid separations. Applications in these
industries could range from:
1. Initial clarification of fermentor
2. Removal of solids from an intermediate reaction product
3. Final collection of a product from suspension
4. Clarification of beverages
5. Enhancing field testing capabilities
Currently, these batch solid-liquid separations are carried out using centrifuges
and/or batch filtration equipment like plate and frame or leaf filters.
Although these types of traditional equipment have been used for years, they
have inherent disadvantages, especially when applied to laboratory, pilot
plant or other small capacity production applications. This traditional equipment
also has disadvantages where time and resources are limited and it is
critical that the materials be isolated from the outside environment.